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Friday, 20 February 2009

UKIP: The results

Amendments 6 and 9 were approved. There may be a recount as the vote was close.

The proposal to turn UKIP into a limited company was approved. 5076 in favour. 542 against.

The Amendments to 14 were rejected. 3393 for change. 2102 against change. Not passed as 2/3 in favour were required to make Nigel UKIP's Fuhrer. Poor chap!

3755 for change
1688 against change

3928 for change
1930 against change

4256 for change
1661 against change

As I predicted Wayne Harling was elected to the NEC. The other successful candidates are ALL well known Farage sycophants. No surprise there!

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1 comment:

Greg L-W. said...


it looks like it was a good idea our not publishing the NEC results last night as I think we could count on The Faragista Fan Club merely altering the way they rigged the results just to make you or I seem to have lied about the results.

There is still a danger they will do this regarding The Constitutional changes vote but I doubt it and having left posting them until after office hours this evening they will probably be spending their expenses in the pub!

I've put more details on my blog, which may help people - can you imagine 5 attempts at finding a Returning Officer!

Greg L-W.

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