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Sunday, 16 May 2010

UKIP: Another UKIPPER speaks out

UKIP continues to tear itself apart.

More and more UKIPPERS are now demanding Pearson's resignation.

But what they must remember is that Farage fully supported Pearson's decision to campaign for various Tory and Labour candidates. Farage must be kicked out as well.

There is no point chopping off just one of the Hydra's heads. All of them need to be hacked off. A decent and honest UKIP can only be realised once the whole rotten leadership are thrown out and replaced by decent men and women.

Dear Lord Pearson

This is the first opportunity I've had to formally respond to your extraordinary letter of 30 April to me and my Comrades in Arms, Barry Harding and Tony McIntyre, fighting the UKIP cause here in Somerset. We were properly democratically nominated and have the full support of the 9 Somerset Constituencies and the UKIP SW Region. We have received the approbation of our two much respected UKIP MEPs.

I'm a secondary school teacher and am aghast at your sense of the democratic process, certainly a malign twist to that I'm glad to report taught in our schools; Eton curriculum must be a very different affair. You have damaged the outcome of those UKIP PPCs throughout, the UK one correspondent referring to you as a lunatic! Many of my fellow stalwart members have been foot soldiers since the inauguration of UKIP contributing their valuable time and money donations, a very broad church here in the SW members across all the main political parties.

What a contradiction the election address of Caroline Lady Pearson of which I exhort you even now to embrace in memory of your distinguished late father in law. Your fellow Etonian and friend Heathcoat Amory was Major's Deputy Chief Whip at Maastricht of which the remarkable Margaret said was a treaty too far. I note it was on her recommendation you were nominated a Peer of the Realm.

I believe fervently you should consider your position and in the interest of the United Kingdom Independence Party tender your resignation on the morning of 7 May.

Yours sincerely

Jake Baynes BSc PGCE

Jake Baynes was the UKIP PPC for Wells. He refused to stand down for the Tory candidate. See: LINK

Pearson will not listen. He has received similar letters and all have gone into the bin.


Greg L-W. said...


I await the screeching of the idiotic banshee and proven serial liar Douglas Denny clamouring for attention as he tries to write a revisionist version stating JUNIUS wrote the letter.

The one certainty is that neither Junius nor my blog have ever lied, though on the edge there is always a danger of being set up with false information.

On the other hand there is absolute proof that Douglas Denny IS a liar and was even dumped by the UKIP NEC for his dishonesty and corruption and he is in the company of other proven liars such as Skeptyk, the foul mouthed Annabelle Fuller, the liar cheat and serial low life Mark Croucher and others such as Stathan, rjt and Independent UKIP trolls too ashamed in the main to put their names to their utterances demeaning UKIP - so very much the essence of UKIP.

Is it any wonder UKIP's election results were such abject failure with over £1/4 Million squandered in lost deposits and many 100s of £1,000s of pounds of other peoples' money some fraudulently obtained by Pearson and in collusion to defraud with Stuart Agnew and Nigel Farage.

Praise be they failed as they are beneath contempt but at least the electorate realised that.

Greg L-W.

John Page said...

I don't think the electorate got that at all. UKIP is irrelevant in domestic politics. Farage dumped all the people who could have given UKIP a range of domestic policies, because they would have overshadowed The Great Farage.

Meanwhile, why don't the good ex-UKIP people start an anti-EU anti-Green party with a real range of domestic policies, rather than anguishing over UKIP, the serious party that never was and never will be?

I don't get it.