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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

UKIP: Gerard Batten's Christmas card to Nigel

So now you know why Gerard won't follow Nikki and Mike out of the EFD!

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Greg_L-W. said...


what a wonderfull range of tea towels UKIP is building up.

For the efforts of its MEPs, perhaps bed sheets printed with his speeches and pillow cases with his picture for Farage (his Christmas present to himself!)

Then perhaps boot licking kits for MEPs with a full face mirror in which to impress themselves.

The parasiters and staff could have a special range of toiler paper printed in their own image.

For the Skeptyk team a Denny sized lavatory brush for scouring McTrough before cleaning their teath.

Perhaps for the liar and cheat Marta Andreasen a book for tourists in Britain.

Perhaps the foolish Lord A leaping from side to side might like a metranome to time his progress.

Some truth serum and a room for two for David Bannerman and Christopher Monkton they could be forced to tell eachother who they are umntil they were convinced in a seedy motel in Torquay!

For Booth just one more weekend where he used to stay when he got away from his wife!!!

Any other ideas for Christmas?