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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

UKIP: Godfrey Bloom Fined

From the Parliament.Com

UKIP deputy Godfrey Bloom has been "fined" seven day's subsistence allowance - just over €2000 - for his outspoken verbal attack on German Socialist leader Martin Schulz.

He said he would appeal against the decision which comes after he called Schulz "an undemocratic fascist" during a recent plenary session.

Bloom said, "If they think docking my lunch-money will stop me speaking out on behalf of my constituents' welfare, they have another thing coming."

"You notice immediately that they do not mention the issue of Schulz calling other MEPs "Nazis".

"In the EU, it is clearly, 'one rule for the goose, another for a gander.'

"The rule of law here is totally arbitrary and politically biased and I shall be appealing against this decision immediately.

A letter to Bloom from parliament's president Jerzy Buzek accuses him of acting in a "disrespectful and violent manner."

It says his actions "did not respect" parliamentary standards and his words "drawing a comparison between Schulz and Nazi Germany" were "offensive both to Schulz and other MEPs."

The letter goes on to say his intervention "severely disrupted" the "smooth conduct" of the plenary.

"Considering the offensive character of his intervention forfeiture of the daily allowance for seven days is considered appropriate."

To see the original: LINK



In the light of the 'expenses scandal' and the British peoples distrust of politicians, believing them all to be 'greedy' and 'money grabbing' individuals, I think it would be wiser for Mr Bloom to cough up the £2000 fine and not appeal.

I understand the reasons for Mr Bloom wanting to appeal against what he feels is 'an unjust decision', but sadly the British people will just assume he is appealing against the decision because he does not want to cough up the £2000 fine.

By simply paying the fine and not making a fuss about it, he will be demonstrating to his electorate that he is a principled man and is willing to pay the financial cost for saying what he believes is true.

Everyone loves someone who is prepared to suffer for what they believe in.


Mr Bloom regards his £2000 fine as "his lunch money".

That's 10 months grocery shopping for me.

My, what different lives we lead!